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As the world confronts the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, SNELL Medical Communication continues with its full team of dedicated professionals working remotely to provide an increasingly important form of education to healthcare professionals.


Virtual Meetings Provide Valuable Access

Many physicians are grappling with how best to address the medical needs and safety of patients during this current crisis, and equally, how to prepare for the recovery phase once the risk of transmissible infection has abated and countries gradually come out of isolation. To address these matters, physicians are looking for experience-based guidance from colleagues – local, national, and international – and to ask questions and gain insights on what COVID-19 best practices they should consider implementing now and going forward.

To meet this demand, in recent weeks, SNELL has conducted several series of virtual meetings for healthcare professionals, with many new and follow-up meetings scheduled over the next 3-4 weeks. These online gatherings have brought together clinicians to discuss their respective observations and concerns as they seek direction and solutions. These regional and national forums have also included participation from invited colleagues in Spain, UK, France, and Hong Kong who have shared invaluable first-hand experience. This opportunity to learn from those on the front lines in countries that are several weeks ahead in the management of COVID-19 has been of great assistance to physicians who now have a clearer understanding of what to anticipate as well as how to better respond to the rapidly evolving situation.


These highly interactive video conferences, which closely resemble face-to-face meetings, are also resulting in COVID-19 Best Practice Guidance documents that summarize the key takeaway recommendations from the meetings and other sources. These are then shared with all participants for potential implementation within their hospitals/clinics.


SNELL has the resources and capability to realize such virtual meetings for any company wishing to support this learning opportunity for physicians or other healthcare professionals.


Continuing Education Webinars – An Unprecedented Demand and Response

COVID-19 has also impacted continuing education in a profound way. In the absence of congresses and other face-to-face educational events, healthcare professionals are turning to online learning in larger numbers. In just the last 4 weeks, SNELL’s live webinars have drawn more than 7,500 registrants. It is thought that online learning via webinars will become a preferred channel for physicians to acquire new information for months and perhaps even years to come. SNELL is committed to delivering the highest quality, state-of-the-art learning and interactive discussion experience to all participants.

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